I’m Silvia Pao, aka Silvia Paoletti. I’m an italian artist based in Rome, where I have my studio.

I start exhibiting during the Academy years; after the MA I direct my activity to independent nets. New media appear, beyond painting and printmaking: sculpture, video-installation, public art; I collaborate with other artists, entering collectives, writing and realizing public art projects on environmental issues in collaboration with cultural associations and administrations.

In those years my research is in the confluence of ecology and gender issues that we used to call Cultural Studies, and meant as political-aesthetic practice. Meanwhile I go on painting.

I believe the artistic work is a kind of self-portrait of the author, even when his/her aim is to tell the world. That’s why I consider my body as the core point from which every research starts. It is my expressive medium and sometime the message itself and it has suggested me the exploration of languages and materials. At present my research has turned back to painting medium with untamed vitality. Light and chromatic vibrations are the main subject. Gradually emerges a poetry of the Beauty that talks about spirituality. This was not my original purpose, yet I finally embraced it.


2002“Ekphrasis. Seeing and thinking”.
Workshop with Jacques Derrida, Valerio Adami, Dore Ashton, Paolo Fabbri, Maurizio Ferraris.
Fondazione Europea del Disegno, Meina (NO)

2000 – MA in Painting
Academy of Fine Arts of Macerata

1999Residential Territorio debole? with the artist Betty Bee
Curated by Antonella Micaletti.
Centro Culturale Pescheria, Pesaro

1998Residential Cantieri 2000, visiting professor Bernhard Rudiger.
Curated by Ass. Cult. Zenith (Torino)


2020 – Andrea Baffoni, Monarose, presenting the artworks at Galleria Remoli, Foligno.

2009 – Gabriele Perretta, Interrupted Landscapes, catalogue.

2006 – Gabriele Tinti, Geopuzzle, Juliet art magazine.


2007 – Limitrofa. A gender landscape, Faculty of Education, University of  Macerata